Thursday, 28 June 2018

Winter Poem

Winter Poem

Smells like hot chocolate.
Looks windy.
Tastes like soup.
Feels chilly.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Bottle Story

Richard in the Bottle

Richard loves playing the bagpipes.
He loves playing the tune “The Drummer Boy.”
He is practicing for a royal ceremony in the castle.
Under a chair in the castle he finds a bottle.
He picked up the bottle and opened it.
Something happened and he was suddenly inside the bottle.
He shouted for help but nobody heard him. So he started playing his bagpipes and they all heard him and came to save him.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Special Olympics Athletics

On Thursday the 15th March I went to Special Olympics Athletics at Mt Smart Stadium. We went in the bus. When we got there my friends from the other classes were already there. We had  morning tea first and then we went to do the field events. I did some shot put. I did the 4x100m relay. Ethan, Brooklyn and William were in my relay team. I passed the batten to Brooklyn.
Our team came second.
I had a fun day at athletics.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

My Goals 2018

My Goals 2018

I want to;
Play some I pad games.
Improve my Oral Language.

Get better at running.
Speak slowly and use appropriate speech.

Manage my anxiety.
Read some harder books.
Eating lunch and talking with my class.
Finding solutions for a problem all

by myself.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Me 2018 Nikhil

          Hello my name is Nikhil

I am 17 years old. I live in Burswood with my Mum,Dad and my brother Navnit. I like chicken burgers.
I like doing some exercises at home. I like going shopping at Botany. In the evenings I love to watch T.V. 3.
I like playing PS3. My favourite game is Sonic and Sega and Allstars Racing.

I like reading books.
I like drawing pictures.
I like brushing my teeth in the night time.
I like doing some painting.
I like having some ice-cream, my favourite ice-cream is cookies and cream.
I like writing on computer.
I like hanging clothes.


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Mummy the Monkey

My puppets name is Mummy the monkey. First I paint and I put some hot glue gun on the head, nose, ears, body, legs, feet, arms and hands.
I put some string on my  puppet.
I loved doing it all by my self.
I enjoyed making a puppet monkey.  
Mummy the monkey looks so good.

Mummy the monkey is 25 years old.
She likes to eat bananas and carrots. She also likes to climb up the trees.
She is a good monkey. ( Happy Face)

Mummy the monkey’s parents like their garden.  They love flowers and they spend lots of time in the garden.
One day Mummy the Monkeys parents were surprised because She brought some other monkeys from the zoo. They came over to play.
They went to play in the garden. (Happy Face)  
They picked  all the plants and they ate them all.( Naughty Faces)
Oh no said Mummy the Monkey I am in trouble. (Oh Oh Face)
Because my parents will growl at me.

Because of that Mummy the Monkey and her friends ran away to the jungle and never came back.

Mummy the Monkey now lives in the jungle.
She is very happy in the jungle.
Mummy the Monkey is very nice.
She is good at playing in the jungle.
She plays with her friends in the jungle.
Mummy the Monkey is running and jumping in the jungle.  

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


On Monday I went to the Tryathlon at Pakuranga College.  We went by the school van. I did 4 laps of swimming, 2 laps of biking and 1 lap of running and some fun swimming.   

After that we had lunch there at Pakuranga College and we went back at 1:30pm. 
I had a fun day.